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Little Sis the Baker

Little Sis finished nursery this afternoon. She proudly brought home some biscuits she had made in the shape of a chick and bunny. She insisted they were for mummy and daddy so we saved them for after dinner. They were amazing, so much better than anything ever brought home from nursery before!

Easter biscuits

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Easter mache egg box from Hobbycraft

When I attended the recent Hobbycraft Spring press show I was given a large Easter mache egg box to take home and decorate. As soon as the children saw it they wanted to decorate it so today I left them have a go. They really like decopatch so I let them use some of my favourite Belle and Boo decopatch paper and got out the Mod Podge.

I gave them one half of the egg each as it was quite big, 16cm! Big Brother has decorated a few things with decopatch before so he knew what he was doing.

Easter mache egg box from Hobbycraft

Little Sis really enjoyed having a go too although ended up with a rather a lot of paper stuck to her fingers!

Easter mache egg box from Hobbycraft

When they had finished we left it to dry overnight (rather a lot of glue was used!). The finished egg looks beautiful and will be filled with chocolate eggs shortly.

Easter mache egg box from Hobbycraft


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An Easter Egg hunt

The children get really excited by Easter. Last night they left a bowl of carrots out for the Easter bunny and, luckily, this morning they were gone. In their place was a pile of beautifully wrapped Easter eggs.

IMG_1176It didn’t take long for the children to open their eggs. Then it was time for the annual Easter egg hunt in the garden.

IMG_1184Fortunately the Easter bunny hadn’t hidden them in really hard places and the children were able to find them all.

IMG_1186There was just enough time to build a Lego set that Little Sis received – Jasmine’s Exotic Palace 41061.

Lego Jasmine's Exotic PalaceThen it was off for a delicious lunch at The Bell at Rode before relaxing at nannys’s with a delicious slice of Simnel cake.

slice of Simnel cake

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