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Dora and Friends DVD

We were sent a copy of the new Dora and Friends DVD to review. Beat the back-to-school blues with this fresh new four-episode collection, catching up with family favourite and children’s institution Dora The Explorer and her gang of comrades when they’re all grown up. Enjoy a vibrant spin-off of animated mega-hit Dora The Explorer,… Read More »

My Little Pony: A Canterlot Wedding

Little Sis recently received the latest My Little Pony DVD to review. My Little Pony: A Canterlot Wedding is out to own on DVD and Digital Download on the 17th August. The DVD includes 5 episodes: Hurricane Fluttershy, Ponyville confidential, MMMYstery on the Friendship Express, A Canterlot Wedding Part I and A Canterlot Wedding Part… Read More »