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Lego play time

I think you can say the new Lego table is a big hit with the children. It was quickly covered in Lego Star Wars sets (who knew we had so many!). Big Brother received another Beaver badge today – for taking part in a Science experiment last week. His Beaver jumper will soon be covered!

The Mud Kitchen re-opens

The children have been wanting to play outside for ages. I keep telling them it is too cold but today I relented. I made sure they dressed up in lots of layers and they headed straight for their mud kitchen. Big Brother wrote on the menu board – ‘Cafe/cake/tea/sanwif’ Then they asked what everyone wanted… Read More »

Outdoor fun

The weather was a little chilly today but that didn’t stop us from having some fun outdoors. First of all we made a beach in our tuff spot for some themed sensory play. Then we went for a walk, stopping off to make sure our local fairies were ok. Then it was back home for… Read More »