Another karate lesson

The children had a karate lesson after school today. Little Sis refused to join in for the first half as she was too tired. This has never happened before but luckily she eventually joined in.


Lots of new people have joined in so the children enjoyed their lesson and making new friends.

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Little Sis draws

Little Sis has been getting on really well in Reception. This week she is taking a packed lunch and staying until just after lunch. She is enjoying her Phonics time and bringing home lots of pictures. I love this drawing she did today of our family.

She has drawn herself in the roof, along with the baby brother and sister she wants.


Down below is Nanny, Daddy, her brother, Grandad and Mummy.

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New Beaver badge

The 6 year old missed Beavers last week as he wasn’t very well so was excited to go today. This week they were talking about disabilities and the Paralympics. He had a little bit of homework to do and was so pleased to come home with another badge!

Beavers disability badge

It’s just about going to fit along his arm but I’m not sure there is space for any more badges!

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