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Baking cakes with Little Sis

Little Sis loves to bake. She’s been much better lately, actually eating the things she makes, rather than just licking the icing off! She asked if we could make some more cakes so this morning we made a pack of Frozen themed cakes. She did everything, mixing the ingredients, decorating them and choosing which ones… Read More »

Little Sis the Baker

Little Sis finished nursery this afternoon. She proudly brought home some biscuits she had made in the shape of a chick and bunny. She insisted they were for mummy and daddy so we saved them for after dinner. They were amazing, so much better than anything ever brought home from nursery before!

A birthday cake for Dad

We let Dad celebrate his birthday a week early with a special chocolate birthday cake. The children loved decorating it for him and covered it with chocolate stars and buttons. I think Dad enjoyed eating it too, he certainly had help blowing out the candles and making a wish.