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Learning about castles in Year 2

Big Brother took part in his first assembly of the year today. This term they are studying castles which he is really enjoying. Everyone in his class had to stand up and say what they had been learning. They also did a little medieval dance which was fun!

When it was over he was able to show us some of his work.


We loved the model he made of a castle.I especially liked the cupcake flag he made for it. Not quite sure where he got that idea from!


I had to get him a little gift for taking part and learning his lines so well. He was pretty pleased with the new Lego Star Wars Annual 2017. Little Sis wasn’t left out as she received the 2017 Paw Patrol Annual too.

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Crafting the Froglets

My son has always been a big fan of the Clangers. He’s lucky to have a subscription to the Clangers magazine and the latest cover gift was a set of the Froglets to paint. Perfect!

Crafting the Froglets

They were quite small so we put blu tack underneath and struck them to a paint tray, this made them slightly easier to paint.

Crafting the Froglets

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New Beaver badges

Big Brother was excited to show us the new badges he was awarded at Beavers this evening.

Beaver badges

He got one Staged Activity badge for Time on the Water following his trip to Longridge at the weekend. He also got another Collector Activity badge as he took his badge blanket in to show everyone.

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