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Taken for a ride

The children were desperate to go out on their new bikes so we took them to the running track. Little Sis was so happy to cycle round and round until we could eventually get her attention and she stopped.


Big Brother was equally happy with his new bike. He looks tiny next to it but he can touch the ground – just. He was a little wobbily but soon got the hang of it.


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Face painting and a Zoolab experience

I picked up the children from their summer holiday workshop today and they both had brilliant face paint. They were both Ninja Turtles, just in case you can’t tell, although only one of them let me take a photo!


After lunch it was time for one of the special events as part of the Summer Reading Challenge at our local library. I had booked both children in for the Zoolab – Marvellous Beasts talk.

Join William on his heroic, one-millipede crusade to combat climate change and save the world. Even the local Jaffa Cake factory is at stake in this monumental adventure that draws in a whole host of ZooLab animals – you’ll meet everything from millipedes to spiders, snakes and frogs to rats and lizards.

Big Brother was happy to sit and take a closer look at the animals but Little Sis wasn’t so keen. It was a brilliant event for kids and we can’t wait to go to more over the summer.

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Fruity cocktails

I booked the children into another summer holidays workshop this week. It’s mornings only but they get to try lots of different activities including cold cooking, crafts and games. When I picked them up they proudly showed me their creations – a fruity cocktail!


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