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A day at Longridge

The 6 year old was invited to a water activities day Longridge near Marlow yesterday. He was 1 of 10 from his Beaver group who went, joining Cubs and Scouts who had camped out overnight.

Longridge is an outdoor activity centre with lots to do. My son was just enjoying tasters of two of the water based activities including a River trip and Dragon Boating, as well as land based activities.

It is a beautiful site on the Thames at Marlow.


There are so many things to do at Longridge. He can’t wait to go back when he’s a Cub to experience the climbing wall!


When we arrived to pick him up they were finishing off some of their games including the Tug of War.


He had a great time and really enjoyed being out on the water. The weather was perfect for his adventurous day out and, fingers crossed, he will get another badge for his collection.



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New Beaver badge

The 6 year old missed Beavers last week as he wasn’t very well so was excited to go today. This week they were talking about disabilities and the Paralympics. He had a little bit of homework to do and was so pleased to come home with another badge!

Beavers disability badge

It’s just about going to fit along his arm but I’m not sure there is space for any more badges!

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A Lego birthday party

Today Big Brother was invited to a Lego birthday party run by Awesome Engineers. Big Brother was pretty excited as he loves building Lego. There were 3 part to the Lego party which kept all the children busy. First they were put into teams and had to build a tall, strong tower from Lego. The winning team withstood a car being driven into their Lego building.

Lego birthday party

The next part of the party was building something round from Lego – a Lego ball. Big Brother really enjoyed this task and finished his ball first, then proceeded to help everyone else! All the children were able to take their finished Lego balls home with them.

Lego ball

The last Lego build was to go through the huge selection of Lego and build a car. The children all raced their cars down a ramp to see whose car went furthest.

building a Lego car

Big Brother built a really good car. The first time it went down the ramp it was stopped by a little girl who was standing in the way! The next time it didn’t go so far but he still enjoyed taking part.


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