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Building the LEGO Snowglobe

I ordered lots of Lego sets in the run up to Christmas and was pretty delighted to receive the Lego Snowglobe (40223) free with one of my orders.

The Lego Snowglobe features a buildable Santa mini-figure and Christmas tree, white Lego snowflakes, a secret drawer, and door and flame elements.

Lego Snowglobe (40223)

This was a really simple build but I enjoyed making it, it was just a shame that it took me so long!

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A trip to the UK’s Top Tea Room

Todays’ photo shows the children outside our favourite tearoom in Bradford on Avon. We popped in for lunch after a trip to visit Auntie Sue and I enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate, until Big Brother discovered he quite liked them too.


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The day after Boxing Day

We headed over to Frome for a few hours this afternoon. Not many shops were open but we found a lovely bar and settled down for an afternoon of games.

The children had never played Jenga before but soon got the hang of it.


There may have been a little cheating going on.


I think they were actually trying to knock the bricks down so they could play with them!


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