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Keeping warm in our George onesie’s

We had fun crafting and baking today. The children love Halloween so we made some slime jelly for pudding and decorated our Halloween cupcakes. My 4 year was dressed perfectly for the occasion. George very kindly sent us onesies to wear. The 4 year old has a spooky onesie which glows in the dark, Little… Read More »

New gloves

New gloves from nanny, just in time for the school run. Today was our first progress update with little man’s teacher. He got an amazing report 🙂 and has settled in really well. I was shown photographs of him doing lots of different activities, and even a little video of him playing on the slide… Read More »

Growing up

Little Sis has been enjoying the attentions of her older cousin for the last few days. It’s been great having some help and today she did Little Sis’s hair, giving her her first ponytail! She looked very cute although I have to admit it didn’t last long. We had a little shopping trip to Watford… Read More »