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More baking at Nanny’s house

With Easter fast approaching there was still more baking to be done, this time delicious chocolate cakes. Once they were cooked and cooled the children decorated them with tasty chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies. They both love baking and enjoyed themselves (and eating the leftover chocolate of course).

Baking an Easter cake with Nanny

We are spending Easter with Nanny. We put the Easter decorations up and made a cake with Nanny. The little people were very good and listened to what Nanny said. It was a special Simnel cake which meant lots of marzipan was eaten. Little Sis particularly enjoyed pinching the marzipan around the edge of the… Read More »

An Easter parade

Little Sis had an Easter party at nursery today. She put on her finest party skirt and decorated hat. I think the Easter Bunny looked a little scary but she was happy enough to pose for a photograph and receive an Easter egg. After lunch it was time for the Easter bonnet parade which was… Read More »