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Dreaming of a garden makeover

The only downside about our new house is that the garden is a little on the small side. That doesn’t mean that we have down-sized our plans though! The children are the perfect age to have fun in the garden so we intend to make the most of it whilst they are young.

I’d love them to have some kind of treehouse and I found a great tower with slide from Activity Toys Direct which means they would have lots and lots of active fun in the garden. It’s a whopping £635 but comes with free delivery and I think it would keep my children very busy.

In an ideal world we’d replace the water table. We’ve had it a few years, the children love it, but it’s seen better days. We’d also replace the sand pit as it’s not big enough for two. When I asked the children what they would like, they said more comfy seating and a bigger barbecue area for daddy! I think that wouldn’t leave us much change from £750 so I’d better get saving 🙂

As the weather hasn’t been so great we spent the afternoon playing indoors with Lego. The children had fun building their dream garden out of Lego.

lego garden makeover

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition


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Enjoying the garden

We’ve been enjoying a lovely sunny day by sitting in the garden.


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Garden time

We spent most of the morning tidying the garden and dismantling the sandpit as we decided not to take it with us when we move. The weather was nice and warm so this was the first day this year we actually spent time in the garden.

Big Brother re-discovered his love of the hose pipe and kept trying to sneak off to turn it on. Eventually we gave in and let him have some fun!


In the evening we had a visit from Uncle Elliot and Auntie Maria and their twins which BB referred to as The Blue One and The Green One, according to the colour of their coats. Unfortunately he only liked one of them so asked for two Blue Ones rather than one of each!


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