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Decorating a nautical room

Although we’ve now lived in our house for 2 years we still have to tackle redecorating our living room. I would love to go with a nautical theme. Yes, I know we live in London but I grew up by the sea and it’s one of our favourite places to visit.

Fortunately our living room is a blank canvas and we will be able to decorate how we like. It’s large and light and I think some nautical colours and decor will create a great space for us to live and relax in.

I’ve been searching Pinterest for some ideas and have been inspired to write a little wish list today.

Follow Jenny Makes’s board Ideas for our Home on Pinterest.

First of all we’ll be ripping out the nasty 1980s fireplace and painting the walls. This is a pretty big job and needs to happen straight away.

This will give us a chance to install some wireless speakers  and generally tidy up the wire and cables that previous owners have left behind. My husband is obviously the one choosing the technical side of things but I’ve already put in a request for something like the Panasonic Technics c700.

At the heart of the room will be the three vintage wooden Star Yacht we’ve picked up over the years. We love these and always look out for them whenever we go charity shopping.

I’m currently making a Shipping Forecast quilt from a pattern in Hearty Good Wishes by Janet Clare. It is a labour of love so may not be finished very quickly.

I love the idea of using some of our holiday ‘treasures’ to decorate the room. We have a huge collection of sea glass which could me made into candle holders. I saw a fun project on Pinterest which used shells to stamp on blank cushion covers. My children would love to make some salt dough starfish which would look sweet along a shelf amongst the sea glass candle holders. Thankfully I’m not short of ideas, just time. I look forward to sharing our progress with you soon.

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The Handpicked Collection

I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to review something from The Handpicked Collection. I immediately knew what I would like as I’ve had my eye on their Children’s Art Frames for a while.

As I mention may times, the children bring home a lot of art from nursery and school. Their pictures fill the house and I feature a lot of them here as I know I can’t keep them all. Today Little Sis brought home a lovely handmade Christmas card.

Christmas cardHer brother brought home some pictures he had coloured in too and I had the perfect place to show them off. The children’s art file and frame is a great place to display art. The two frames are deep enough to store numerous pictures which means you can rotate your favourites. It can be hung on the wall too although we haven’t yet found any space to hang it!

children's art frameWhat do you think?


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How to make a paper plate Christmas tree

Today we made simple sun catchers using paper plates which I thought I would share.

Equipment needed to make a paper plate Christmas tree sun catcher:
paper plate
coloured squares of cellophane
contact paper
hole punch

How to make a paper plate Christmas tree:

Cut out a tree shape from the center of a paper plate and cover it with a piece of contact paper.

paper plate sun catcherCut the cellophane squares into small pieces and place over the cut out Christmas tree.

paper plate sun catcherMake sure there aren’t any gaps! When you have finished cover the other side of the paper plate with contact paper, trim if necessary.

paper plate sun catcherPunch a hole in the top of the paper plate and thread with string to hang in the window.

paper plate sun catcher


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