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Another fun day at Super Camp

The children have been really enjoying their days at Super Camp. They are in different classes due to their age but get to spend some time together several times a day.


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Our bonus day at sea

Today was our bonus day at sea. This is how close we got to Guernsey. We got a bit closer, close enough to see houses and buildings and other islands but not close enough for our day trip.


The children were happy to spend another day at the Kids Club which made things slightly easier. We also went for another swim in one of the many pools. And enjoyed the beautiful weather whilst dropping anchor off a really ugly part of France.

The children couldn’t resist posing for some photographs which we felt obliged to buy. Why do they never pose at home when I want them too!


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Our family day in Bruges

We woke up this morning to find ourselves in Zeebruges with an exciting day trip to Bruges before us. After breakfast we boarded our coach for the short journey to Bruges. As we left the coach we were all given a small box of Belgian chocolates, someone ate theirs straight away.


Then it was a short walk to the centre of Bruges, stopping to admire all the beautiful views.


Our first chocolate shop!

Belgian chocolate shop

By this point the children needed the loo so we stopped for a proper hot chocolate.

a real Belgian hot chocolate

Then walked around Bruges, taking an obligatory ride on a canal boat and a carriage ride too.

Belgian carriage ride

We had chips and mayonnaise for lunch. There was a proper Belgian waffle too.

Belgian waffle

By this point we were pretty tired so headed back to our meeting point and the ship. Family selfie before dinner!


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