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Off The Rails Yarmouth

We managed to squeeze in another tea shop this morning with a visit to Off The Rails Yarmouth. It’s a lovely cafe in the old Yarmouth station. It’s a very picturesque spot.

Off The Rails Yarmouth

The line was removed years ago but you can still walk along it.


As well as a cafe there is a bird lookout and cycle hire which is so tempting for another day.


We sat and enjoyed a cup of tea and did a bit of bird spotting.


Definitely somewhere to come back to another day.


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A day out on the Isle of Wight

The weather was beautiful today so we decided to head to Carisbrooke Castle. They were running special Roundhead and Cavalier events so there was plenty of things for the children to get involved with.

Carisbrooke Castle

The children loved walking up the steep steps to the top of the castle, the views were amazing. We walked around the walls before taking part in the Pike Drill and learning about the Battle of Naseby through the medium of vegetables!

Carisbrooke Castle

Of course we had to stop for an ice cream at the aptly named Flakey McFlake Face ice cream van.

Flakey McFlake Face

Then it was on to Quarr Abbey for a delicious cream tea.



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A visit to the Isle of Wight

Not only is it a Bank Holiday weekend but it’s also half term which means time for a holiday! Today we caught the ferry over to the Isle of Wight for a few days.


After we got off the ferry we headed straight to see Auntie Caca!

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