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Lego play

Little Sis wanted to play with the Lego Duplo today. I have to admit we don’t get it out very often as they both seem happy playing with normal Lego now. I was quite pleased though, as we haven’t changed the base board on our homemade Lego table yet!

Lego play

Little Sis insisted on making me a Lego birthday cake, actually she made me two, and kept making me blow the candles out!

Lego cakes

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Using a Tuff Spot for Lego play

Today we’re taking part in the Tuff Spot A-Z Blog Hop organised by The Adventures of Adam. We have chosen the letter L for Lego! We love Lego and it doesn’t seem that a day goes by without the children making something from their Lego collection.

We’re huge fans of our Tuff Spot. We’ve had it for a couple of years and it’s brilliant. We’ve filled it with sand or water for outdoor play and it’s perfect for containing toys indoor too, like Lego bricks!

Using a Tuff Spot for Lego play

Using a Tuff Spot for Lego play:

lego filled tuff spot

The other day we poured our Lego Duplo into the tuff spot. Big Brother decided he wanted to make a Lego Easter egg, based on a sun catcher we made the other day.

lego filled tuff spotHe found a large base board and started to build up an egg shape.

lego filled tuff spotThis activity kept him amused for quite a while as he found the bricks he wanted to use. He added fences and flower to decorate and he was really pleased with the finished result.

lego filled tuff spotHis Lego Easter Egg! I think we’ll be keeping this out for a while, until the bricks are needed for the next make anyway. We had fun using a Tuff Spot for Lego play. What do you use yours for?

Lego Duplo Easter Egg

Don’t forget to pop on over to the Tuff Spot A-Z Blog Hop for more Tuff Spot play ideas!




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How to make a Lego marble run

Sometimes the simplest games are also the best. My 4 year old was looking for some entertainment whilst I was busy so I suggested he make a lego marble run. His first comment was that he couldn’t but with a little encouragement he did!

Materials needed to make a Lego marble run
large Lego Duplo base board
selection of Lego Duplo bricks

How to make a Lego marble run

The best thing about this activity is that there is no right or wrong way to do it! The 4 year old started off with a base board and added lego bricks, making a difficult run for his marbles to run through.

lego marble runHe experimented a lot, moving bricks, adding a wall of bricks around the outside of the base board, and making the bricks high to keep the larger marble in.

lego marble runIt was great watching him work and making more complicated runs.

lego marble runEventually he added a second base board, and a couple of towers! I can definitely see this being added to and played with again and again.

how to make a lego marble run

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