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The Lego Batman Movie Mini figs

When we were in our local toy shop today we spotted the new The Lego Batman Movie mini figures.

The Lego Batman Movie mini figures

This ‘Limited Edition’ THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE series features all your favourite characters, including Lobster-Lovin’ Batman™, The Eraser™, Zodiac Master™, King Tut™, Pink Power Batgirl™, Dick Grayson™, Orca™, Fairy Batman™, Glam Metal Batman™, Clan of the Cave Batman™, Vacation Batman™, The Joker™ – Arkham Asylum, The Calculator™, Red Hood™, Commissioner Gordon™, Barbara Gordon™, March Harriet™, The Mime™, Catman™ and Nurse Harley Quinn™. Each minifigure comes in a blind bag, together with a display plate and a collector’s leaflet.

There are 20 in the series and we bought 3 today and were happy to not get any duplicates.

The Lego Batman Movie mini figures

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Our busy day

We started the day with a trip to the cinema to see Finding Dory. It was really good and the kids were given these strange glasses which they insisted on wearing.

Finding Dory glasses

We had a delicious lunch at Wagamama then went for the children’s weekly swimming lesson. Unfortunately they had only just started their lessons when the fire alarm went off and we all had to evacuate the swimming pool! The children were given foil blankets to keep them warm as we couldn’t pick up our bag from the changing rooms. Eventually we were able to go back in but they missed their lesson.


We finished off our busy day with a parcel for Big Brother. It contained a special gift from Dad – Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens game. He’s been playing the demo version but really wanted the full game. It came with a free Finn Lego minifigure.


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We got Ursula!

I mentioned a few weeks about the latest Lego Minifig series featuring all our favourite Disney figures. We all really love this series. Some of them I’m not bothered by but I knew I wanted to buy the whole set.

We have a lovely local toy shop where we bought most of our figures. They have a swap board so we were able to get Peter Pan and Aladdin last week.

Dad offered to buy the last figure we needed which arrived today – we got Ursula which completes our set. Now we need to find some suitable storage so we can display them.

Ursula Lego Minifig

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