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Getting crafty at Rainbows

Little Sis has been enjoying Rainbows for a while now. I think it’s pretty tame compared to Beavers but she’s always really proud of whatever she has been making. Tonight she brought home a very decorated Rainbow badge and she was really proud of the writing –

Brining home the Rainbows doll

The downside of Little Sis starting Rainbows is that she brought home this today! Yet another doll and book to write in. I find these hard enough to fill out when she brings the Class Bear home. Can’t believe we have to do another one – thank goodness there isn’t one at Beavers!

Measuring up?

Today we visited Frome. We always seem to visit the same shops and today was no different. Every time we visit we go to the Frome Model Centre at the top of Catherine Street. My husband always looks at all the models whilst the children browse the Lego sets. Today I took lots of photos… Read More »