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Fun with styrofoam

I was feeling a little tired after our mammoth craft session yesterday so today was a little more subdued. I’d been wanting to try printing with styrofoam for a while so today was the day. I had saved a couple of styrofoam plates from some ready-made pizzas and traced the shape of the Piston Cup… Read More »


Both children love painting so this morning we had a painting session. Big Brothe was busy with Christmas crafting whilst Little Sis just painting Peppa Pig pictures, lots of them….

Little Sis gets creative

I’m trying to encourage Little Sis to be more creative as too often her older brother gets to dictate what toys get played with or what we do. She is picking up words really quickly and her favourite one is paint! She’s a demon with colouring pens, just take a look at our walls and… Read More »