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Staying local

After our exciting day out in London yesterday we stayed local today. Big Brother took his bike and Little Sis took her scooter to Churchfield Gardens.

P1180783The sun was shining, we didn’t have to wear a silly amount of clothes and everyone was happy.

P1180802The children were very happy to be able to run around and play.

P1180835There were rosy cheeks.

P1180822And time to experience some of the bigger rides they hadn’t been on before.


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Trowbridge Town Park again

We headed off to enjoy Trowbridge Town Park today. It’s a lovely park and was very busy as the sun was shining. Little Sis was happy to run around and around and quickly mastered the climbing frames.

playing at the park

Her brother was happy to attempt some of the bigger climbing frames and they both spent ages on the large slide. We practically had to drag them away so we could go and get a drink!

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A trip to the Lido

We have some very special visitors staying with us so we were all up bright and early and out to the local Lido. There was lots of scooting and playing and dog walking before warming ourselves up with a hot chocolate.


Little Man was keen to try some of the more grown up play equipment, spurred on by his older cousin.


Little Sis generally sulked and refused to scoot, unless it was on her brother’s scooter.

Then it was on to lunch where the children received some craft packs to keep them busy before the food arrived. They were both rather taken with the 3D glasses.


It must have made the world look a very different place for a 2 and 4 year old.


Then we  retreated home for a film and popcorn.

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