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Mud play in the tuff spot

It was another hot day here today so the children were happy to play out in the garden after school. We got our tuff spot out and they mixed soil and water to make lots of mud. Big Brother put his off-roader cars in the mud and was totally engrossed as usual. They seemed equally… Read More »

Play date

We had a crazy play date today. We were hoping for sunshine but unfortunately it only stopped raining in the afternoon. The little people had lots of fun playing together and the trampoline was especially popular. I love this photo of the four of them together.

Hill Lane Park

Little Sis and I went to story time at the library for the first time in a while today. She seemed to enjoy herself although was really eager for the craft part to begin. We listened to two stories about the wind and she made a really sweet little kite to bring home. In the… Read More »