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Fairy door by Ruislip Woods

We’re back home from our trip to the Isle of Wight and have been enjoying being home. We thought we would stop off and visit the fairy door by Ruislip Woods. We were so pleased to see it was still there. We will be back with some letters for the fairies soon!

Fairy door by Ruislip Woods

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Visiting Ruislip Fairy Village

The sun was shining again today so we thought we would take Nanny to see the Fairy Village by the River Pinn. We parked at the bottom of St Margaret’s Road and walked over the Pooh Sticks bridge.

We were really pleased to see that all the fairy doors were there, one was slightly damaged as if someone had tried to remove it but all the rest were in good condition. My 4 year old loves the Fairy Village and ran round to check they were all there.

She was so excited to see that her favourite, the¬†Fisherman’s house was there, complete with fishing net and rod. We couldn’t see the two fairy mail boxes but there was some fairy mail left under the big tree in the middle of the grass area.

She insisted on taking photos, most of these are by her.


Ruislip Fairy Village pictures

As well as the Fishermans house we loved the new Ruislip Fairy Village sign. There were lots of people visiting today, we can’t wait to come back again soon.


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Re-visiting the fairy village

We were really upset to hear that someone had ruined the local fairy village recently. A lot of time and effort goes into making something like this and I find it difficult to understand why anyone would ruin something which brings so much pleasure for children. I’m glad we visited when it had just opened as it was wonderful to see all the fairy doors set in the trees. A few have been re-built but sadly not on the scale it once was.

As we had some visitors staying we decided to pop along to visit the fairy houses.

visiting the fairy village

Little Sis wrote a letter which we carefully placed in a plastic bag and took with us. We left it underneath the fairy post box – she has lots of mail to answer!

fairy mail

The children ran around looking for the other doors so it was difficult to know how to explain to them what had happened. Little Sis loved the Fisherman Fairy house which was sadly no longer there.

There’s a lovely little stream in the park so the children played pooh sticks until we were eventually able to drag them away.

playing pooh sticks

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