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Little Sis grows a seed

Little Sis has been learning about life cycles and growing at school. Today she came home with her very own plant pot with a bean seed. We’re not quite sure what it is but we’re going to try and grow it!


Little Sis has been really enjoying herself in Reception. She has made loads of friends and is learning so much. She has been writing her name properly (no more capitals A’s in the wrong place!) and bringing home lots of drawings every day. This is the picture she brought home today. Boobies. Not quite sure… Read More »

Learning about castles in Year 2

Big Brother took part in his first assembly of the year today. This term they are studying castles which he is really enjoying. Everyone in his class had to stand up and say what they had been learning. They also did a little medieval dance which was fun! When it was over he was able… Read More »