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New shoes (again!)

It’s that time of year when we’re getting the toddler ready to go back to school. Although I love spending the day with him I think we’ll both be glad when he can spend a couple of hours at school again! Today was new shoes so we headed off to Clarks to find out his… Read More »

Kicking leaves

Today we had a fitting for new shoes – Edward has grown a whole shoe size and is now a 7H. After we had chosen a new pair we thought we’d give them a thorough testing so went for a walk in Ally Pally.

Daddy’s little helper

Edward is obsessed with shoes and will happily try and squeeze his shoes onto our feet or walk around in our shoes. Here he is helping daddy get ready for the office. His speech is developing really well. He can now ask for juice (“joo”) and episodes of Chuggington (“choo choo”). I’m not altogether happy… Read More »