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Learning to swim

Today was the first day of our holiday. We headed South and a little West and eventually ended up at Grandad’s. We were soon in his swimming pool and Big Brother had a swimming lesson from Daddy. He did really well and was soon swimming around with the help of his armbands. Little Sis couldn’t… Read More »

A shopping trip

This morning we headed off to Uxbridge for a spot of shopping. We took the bus as the tube has been shut for the last couple of weeks. These two were happy to head off for an adventure. Despite trying my best not to, Big Brother came home with a few new toys. We found… Read More »

A cuddle

Some days I really struggle to take a photograph of my two. Either we’ve been really busy or not done anything terribly exciting and worthy of a photo. After their bath Little Sis wanted a cuddle so I snapped this one of them having a cuddle and watching CBeebies.