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More Lego

I don’t even know where to start with today, it was busy!

The children were happy as they got hold of today’s Lego kit which was 30282 The LEGO Movie Super Secret Police Enforcer with Robot Minifigure.

We finally finished decorating our bedroom, the curtains were put up as well as the new shelves. The children made their first pizzas from scratch with daddy which they also enjoyed eating.


They’ve both had terrible coughs which really effect their sleep so we decided to put them in the same room so they could both benefit from the humidifier. Little Sis refused to sleep in her cot and insisted on having her mattress next to her brother’s on the floor. They went to bed at the usual time and proceeded to sit up chatting and reading books for the next 2 hours!


I finally went in and told them to lie down and go to sleep. They were so tired they didn’t argue.


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Flat out


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Sleepyhead at Nanny’s house.

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