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Back to swim school

The children had so much fun in Grandad’s pool over the holidays that we thought we would try swimming lessons again. This time we’ve booked lessons at a different pool so we’re hoping the 6 year old will make some good progress. It’s the first lesson for Little Sis but we know she’ll love it!



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Our first swim

This morning we explored Portishead before heading down south to visit Grandad.


Little Sis hadn’t been in a swimming pool since this time last year but was really excited about swimming in Grandad’s pool. She had a new swimming costume, goggles and toys to play with and was quite happy splashing around.



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Fun in the sun

This morning we went shopping in Newton Abbott. This wouldn’t normally be newsworthy except for the fact the children were treated by Grandad in the huge toy shop there. Little Sis chose the Sylvanian Family Nursery School Bus and Big Brother chose another die-cast Pontoon Dusty and Blade from the recent Planes 2 film.  They were quite happy with their new toys.

Then we managed a scoot along the sea beach at Teignmouth and time to build a couple of sandcastles before heading back to Grandad’s for more swimming in his pool.



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