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Outdoor fun

The weather was a little chilly today but that didn’t stop us from having some fun outdoors. First of all we made a beach in our tuff spot for some themed sensory play. Then we went for a walk, stopping off to make sure our local fairies were ok. Then it was back home for… Read More »

Mud play in the tuff spot

It was another hot day here today so the children were happy to play out in the garden after school. We got our tuff spot out and they mixed soil and water to make lots of mud. Big Brother put his off-roader cars in the mud and was totally engrossed as usual. They seemed equally… Read More »

A sunny kind of day

Little Sis and I headed off to Dinky Dancers this morning. We went to feed the ducks and she happily rolled up her leggings and scrambled over the logs for a while. On the way back to the car she collected lots of twigs to add to the fairy house in our garden. After lunch… Read More »