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NUK bottle and bowl giveaway

I have a lovely little giveaway for you today, two great products from NUK – the NUK learner bottle and food masher + bowl. I’ve gone through dozens of cups with both my children and it took us ages to find suitable ones. They either leaked, or the mouthpiece didn’t stand up to little sharp teeth,… Read More »

Weaning fun!

We’ve been having loads of fun with weaning. Little Sis has been working her way through the entire range of Plum pouches. She seems to prefer the fruit to the vegetable ones but here’s a great photo of her enjoying the spinach one: Her brother seems to remember the Plum pouches as he’s taken to… Read More »

2nd attempt

Little Sis tried out her bumbo today. I think she enjoyed sitting up in it when she got the chance. Big Brother has also been enjoying it and has started sitting in it when he watches tv. We had another try at the banana cereal but she wasn’t very interested.